【STOCK】【DoReMi】season 2sp 【Grandma】pvcdoll doll rodgerlee's doll&baobaodoll

Brand: Rodger lee's doll &baobao doll
Product Code: Rodger lee's doll &baobao doll
Availability: 2

This is special limited doll for DoReMi season 2.(callled season 2sp).

She's a cute grandma for Suzy and Betty.They look like grandma, arent they?

It will include: doll/top/dress/socks.

The waitting time is around 25 working days after payment.


For 2sp, the price is special too.

We offer good price for season 2sp, it will go with easy package.

We will use simple plastic bags instead of original boxes. 

Please pay more attention about it.

(Dont worry, when we ship out dolls, we will use good package of delivery box).

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