Shipping Guide

1.Customs Duty

In case of overseas delivery, the buyer is obliged to declare imported goods according to customs rules of the destination country. During this process, you may be subject to customs duties and other taxes.LuLaDoll is not responsible for the obligations of customs in connection with international orders. Doll in this website does not include tariffs, taxes, reshipments, etc. in the prices of sales items because it is impossible to predict or control the customs clearance of overseas customs.

LuLaDoll does not underestimate the amount of customs declaration for all goods, and all goods must be declared or insured with the purchase amount. Undervalued products are not guaranteed in any case. If the purchase amount is not declared or guaranteed, the buyer will be liable for lost or damaged shipments. Also, customs clearance may be imposed on customs clearance depending on the amount of money to be sent to the waybill. Please contact your nearest post office or Customs.

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